Sunday, January 14, 2018

TVL Rankings (Top 15)

Here are the updated TVL Rankings, as of January 14th, 2018


Shot Put
1. Bergloff (HOL) - 32'-10.5"
2. Schnur (HOP) - 30'-8.5"
3. Dolan (HOP) - 30'-0.5"
4. Sinno (WW) - 29'-9.5"
5. Whiteside (NOR) - 28'-8"
6. Kennelly (MIL) - 27'-8"
7. Obeng (DED) - 27'-0.5"
8. Gigarjian (DS) - 26'-10"
9. Ransom (NOR) - 26'-9"
10. Stackpole (HOL) - 26'-2.75"
11. McNulty (MF) - 26'-2.25"
12. Calkins (HOP) - 26'-2.25"
13. Ellis (MW) - 25'-11.5"
14. Feurman (ASH) - 25'-11.5"

High Jump
1. Vasile (MW) - 5'-2"
2. Grabmeier (HOP) - 5'-1"
3. Stevens (HOL) - 5'-0"
4. Redfield (MW) - 4'-11"
5. Komodromos (HOP) - 4'-9"
6. Diestel (NOR) - 4'-8"
7. Feather (HOP) - 4'-8"
8. Stefanowicz (MIL) - 4'-8"
9. Ward (HOL) - 4'-8"
10. Brown (HOL) - 4'-8"
11. Tatke (HOL) - 4'-8"
12. Halloran (HOP) - 4'-8"
13. Bernard (DED) - 4'-8"
14. DaSilva (DS) - 4'-8"

55m Hurdles
1. Vasile (MW) - 8.73
2. Halloran (HOP) - 8.80
3. Feather (HOP) - 8.99
4. Allen (HOP) - 9.06
5. Welsh (HOP) - 9.64
6. Redfield (HOP) - 9.65
7. Lesser (DS) - 9.67
8. Holloway (NOR) - 9.84
9. Weilding (HOP) - 9.84
10. Flynn (DED) - 9.87
11. Hunt (DED) - 9.94
12. Diestel (NOR) - 10.04
13. Rosen (HOP) - 10.08
14. Krauss (MIL) - 10.24
15. Tom (MF) - 10.32

55m Dash
1. Donnelly (HOP) - 7.51
2. Hirschfeld (MF) - 7.67
3. Mick (HOP) - 7.69
4. Hasbrouch (HOP) - 7.74
5. Tirabassi (ASH) - 7.81
6. Estella (HOP) - 7.82
7. Gustafson (MF) - 7.90
8. Hebert (HOP) - 7.92
9. Scheid (MW) - 7.93
10. McInnis (WW) - 7.98
11. Reyes (ASH) - 8.03
12. Jiminian (DED) - 8.04
13. Kane (MIL) - 8.04
14. Greeley (MW) - 8.07
15. Newell (NOR) - 8.07

1. Vasile (MW) - 41.65
2. Estella (HOP) - 43.0
3. Hirschfeld (MF) - 43.02
4. Tirabassi (ASH) - 4.306
5. Gustafson (MF) - 43.33
6. Dion (NOR) - 43.37
7. Pellegrini (ASH) - 44.1
8. Hasbrouch (HOP) - 44.11
9. Krumseik (WW) - 44.45
10. Weilding (HOP) 44.45
11. Evans (DS) - 45.22
12. Donnelly (HOP) - 45.42
13. McInnis (WW) - 45.56
14. Freeley (HOL) - 45.69

1. Palin (NOR) - 1:40.96
2. Halloran (HOP) - 1:41.26
3. Freeley (HOL) - 1:44.8
4. Pietrasiezwicz (NOR) - 1:45.4
5. McLaughlin (DS) - 1:45.6
6. Bradley (NOR) - 1:45.6
7. Wilson (MF) - 1:45.62
8. Conant (WW) - 1:46.2
9. Hasbrouck (HOP) - 1:46.67
10. Drometer (MF) - 1:47.08
11. Salley (HOL) - 1:47.3
12. Davis (DS) - 1:47.5
13. Sayers (HOL) - 1:47.7
14. DiGregorio (MW) - 1:49.54
15. Haylock (DED) - 1:49.96

1. S. Gooley (HOP) - 3:04.28
2. Jones (HOP) - 3:09.3
3. Bradley (NOR) - 3:11.59
4. Conant (WW) - 3:12.3
5. Pietrasiewicz (NOR) - 3:13.69
6. Walker (WW) - 3:14.0
7. Stillwell (HOP) - 3:14.24
8. Clayton (MIL) - 3:16.3
9. Salley (HOL) - 3:16.3
10. Dembinski (HOP) - 3:20.93
11. Davis (DS) - 3:22.01
12. Ryan (HOL) - 3:22.8
13. Francis (DED) - 3:23.1
14. R. Gooley (HOP) - 3:25.5
15. Wilson (MF) - 3:26.4

1. S. Gooley (HOP) - 5:18.1
2. Steiner (MIL) - 5:19.4
3. Conant (WW) - 5:23.0
4. Walker (WW) - 5:25.5
5. Bradley (NOR) - 5:31.0
6. Pietrasiewicz (NOR) - 5:32.0
7. Ryan (HOL) - 5:32.01
8. Jones (HOP) - 5:32.90
9. Stillwell (HOP) - 5:33.2
10. Francis (DED) - 5:36.0
11. Wilson (MF) - 5:42.0
12. Salley (HOL) - 5:43.08
13. R. Gooley (HOP) - 5:45.17
14. Hafford (MIL) - 5:48.2
15. Wade (HOP) - 5:52.20

2 Mile
1. Walker (WW) - 11:30.6
2. S. Gooley (HOP) - 11:37.09
3. Pietrasiewicz (NOR) - 11:49.42)
4. Conant (WW) - 11:52.0
5. Francis (DED) - 11:56.6
6. Hafford (MIL) - 12:16.7
7. R. Gooley (HOP) - 12:22.9
8. Wilson (MF) - 12:24.0
9. Amerio (HOP) - 12:26.0
10. Ryan (HOL) - 12:30.0
11. Jones (HOP) - 12:30.03
12. Stillwell (HOP) - 12:44.8
13. Herndon (WW) - 13:10.0
14. Kenney (HOL) - 13:12.9
15. McGahan (DED) - 13:17.68

4x400m Relay
1. Hopkinton - 4:05.07
2. Dover-Sherborn - 4:20.2
3. Medway - 4:20.80
4. Westwood - 4:23.0
5. Millis - 4:23.7
6. Norton - 4:24.5
7. Holliston - 4:25.2
8. Medfield - 4:30.5
9. Ashland - 4:34.0
10. Dedham - 4:42.8
11. Bellingham - 5:01.3


Shot Put
1. Berluti (WW) - 47'-2.5"
2. Labadini (DED) - 43'-10"
3. Connell (HOL) - 43'-5"
4. P. Buckley (HOP) - 41'-5.5"
5. Mendes (DS) - 40'-5"
6. Murphy (MF) - 40'-3"
7. Bulotsky (DS) - 39'-9"
8. Sherffius (HOP) - 38'-5.5"
9. Bittig (MW) - 37'-7.5"
10. Sawyer (MF) - 36'-6.75"
11. Qian (MF) - 36'-0.75"
12. Y. Wang (HOP) - 35'-0.5"
13. L. Buckley (HOP) - 35'-6"
14. Barry (DS) - 35'-5.5"
15. Williams (DS) - 35'-5.5"

High Jump
1. McNeil (MF) - 6'-6"
2. N. Garfield (MF) - 6'-3"
3. Wade (WW) - 6'-0"
4. Churchill (MF) - 5'-8"
5. Loughnane (WW) - 5'-8"
6. Sofoul (HOL) - 5'-6"
7. Prucher (HOP) - 5'-6"
8. Bernard (DED) - 5'-6"
9. Wynne Jr. (BEL) - 5'-6"
10. Bennett (DS) - 5'-6"
11. Bittig (MW) - 5'-6"
12. Debrosse (ASH) - 5'-2"
13. Bingel (NOR) - 5'-2"
14. Logan (HOP) - 5'-2"
15. Flynn (BEL) - 5'-2"

55m Hurdles
1. Eng (MF) - 8.08
2. Bernard (DED) - 8.54
3. P. Wisnaskas (NOR) - 8.7
4. N. Garfield (MF) - 8.73
5. Donlon (WW) - 8.75
6. Augspurg (HOP) - 8.8
7. Dillon (DED) - 8.8
8. Morrill (MF) - 8.89
9. Stalters (NOR) - 8.9
10. Orcel (MW) - 9.58
11. Peers (NOR) - 9.6
12. Buckley (HOP) - 9.72
13. Bennett (DS) - 9.9
14. Sioras (MW) - 9.97
15. Mahoney (HOL) - 10.14

55m Dash
1. Bittig (MW) - 6.79
2. Mikami (MIL) - 6.8
3. Eng (MF) - 6.85
4. Goodearl (DS) - 6.9
5. Rivard (NOR) - 6.9
6. McNeil (MF) - 6.93
7. Pereira (NOR) - 6.96
8. Wade (WW) - 7.0
9. Adolph (MF) - 7.02
10. Mendes (DS) - 7.02
11. Picard (BEL) - 7.04
12. Wynne Jr. (BEL) - 7.10
13. Simmer (HOP) - 7.12
14. Dolan (HOL) - 7.12
15. McGrath (NOR) - 7.20

1. Pereira (NOR) - 37.37
2. Sofoul (HOL) - 37.75
3. Bittig (MW) - 38.07
4. Mendes (DS) - 38.19
5. Dolan (HOL) - 38.5
6. Kelly (HOP) - 38.8
7. Picard (BEL) - 39.0
8. McGrath (NOR) - 39.4
9. Joline (MF) - 39.45
10. Jacobs (HOL) - 39.46
11. Selby (MW) - 39.68
12. A. Lerner (NOR) - 39.75
13. Lo (WW) - 39.9
14. Wang (HOP) - 40.0
15. Daley (MF) - 40.27
16. O'Brien (NOR) - 40.34

1. Keaney (DED) - 1:24.18
2. Pucci (HOP) - 1:26.78
3. P. Wisnaskas (NOR) - 1:29.92
4. Pereira (NOR) - 1:30.0
5. Sofoul (HOL) - 1:30.5
6. Deehan (WW) - 1:30.6
7. A. Lerner (NOR) - 1:30.9
8. Strang (HOL) - 1:30.9
9. Barnes (HOP) - 1:31.1
10. Maceachern (HOP) - 1:31.3
11. Robin (DS) - 1:31.7
12. Fitzpatrick (MF) - 1:31.7
13. Minard (DS) - 1:33.3
14. Engel (HOL) - 1:33.8
15. Wiemeyer (DS) - 1:34.1

1. Linden (DS) - 2:41.6
2. Keaney (DED) - 2:42.3
3. Maceachern (HOP) - 2:43.97
4. Conant (WW) - 2:45.2
5. A. Carroll (NOR) - 2:47.0
6. Ottinger (HOP) - 2:47.62
7. Bissell (MF) - 2:47.8
8. Moy (WW) - 2:47.9
9. Zanini (HOP) - 2:47.97
10. Deehan (WW) - 2:49.1
11. Fried (DS) - 2:49.6
12. Cann (HOP) - 2:50.9
13. Barnes (DS) - 2:51.6
14. McGlynn (MW) - 2:51.8
15. Robin (DS) - 2:52.7

1. Conant (WW) - 4:35.52
2. Linden (DS) - 4:37
3. Brown (HOP) - 4:44.48
4. Churchill (MF) - 4:45.25
5. McGlynn (MW) - 4:45.25
6. A. Carroll (NOR) - 4:47.13
7. Maceachern (HOP) - 4:50
8. L. Barnes (DS) - 4:50.49
9. Fried (DS) - 4:53.07
10. Phenegar (MW) - 4:54.0
11. Strang (HOL) - 4:54.60
12. Zanini (HOP) - 4:54.99
13. Engel (HOL) - 4:55.6
14. Ottinger (HOP) - 4:56.8
15. Murphy (BEL) - 4:56.99

2 Mile
1. Conant (WW) - 9:53
2. Brown (HOP) - 10:12.55
3. McGlynn (MW) - 10:29.2
4. Kelly (WW) - 10:31.76
5. Engel (HOL) - 10:40.0
6. Guarini (DS) - 10:41.43
7. Phenegar (MW) - 10:44.52
8. A. Carroll (NOR) - 10:52.2
9. Ottinger (HOP) - 10:53
10. Fried (DS) - 10:54
11. Bingel (NOR) - 10.54.5
12. Garratt (WW) - 10:55.0
13. Dionne (HOP) - 11:01
14. Strang (HOL) - 11:01.0
15. S. Sirri (DS) - 11:01.4

4x400m Relay
1. Hopkinton - 3:42.5
2. Norton - 3:44.9
3. Dover-Sherborn - 3:45.2
4. Westwood - 3:45.3
5. Dedham - 3:48.0
6. Holliston - 3:52.0
7. Medway - 3:56.4
8. Medfield - 3:59.0
9. Bellingham - 4:04.1
10. Ashland - 4:10.8
11. Millis - 4:16.7

Lancer Relays Head to the Ocean State for the East Coast Invitational

With State Relays only a week away, the Lancers carpooled a handful of relays up to the Providence Career and Technical Academy in Rhode Island to compete in the East Coast Invitational. Competing against teams from across New England and New York proved not to be a challenge for Norton as nearly every relay podiumed capitalizing on improving seeds heading into the State Relays this weekend.


The girls hurdle shuttle relay of Crystal Macdonald, Hannah Delea, Lilly Holloway and Mary Diestel started the night off strong for the Lady Lancers. After running 39.54 in the semifinals, the Lancers were surprised to grab a spot into the finals as Old Rochester was disqualified following the third semifinal heat. Successfully bringing their best about 15 minutes later, the Lady Lancers improved by a hundredth of a second to run 39.53 in the final and improve by one spot to take 5th overall in the meet.

Norton hurdlers (far right) celebrate a surprise 5th place finish!
Following the Lancer hurdles, the girls Sprint Medley Relay in the rarely run 200-200-400-800 order. Junior Kirsten Loring got the Lancers out hard in the second heat running a 29.72 first leg allowing for Julia Newell to cut it around the curve and hand-off the baton in a blazing 27.83. Carly Murphy took over on the 400 leg as the field started to widened. However, she maintained pace and began to reel in the rest of the field with a 66.85 split giving Kylie Dion a fair opportunity to win the heat for the Lady Lancers. Out like a bullet, Dion moved the team into second and made up ground on first place Griswold but ran out of real estate and time to catch the final runner. Dion ran a respectable 2:38 in the final leg of the SMR to give the Lancers a second place finish in the heat, producing the 6th fastest time in the event with a 4:42.44 time overall.

Girls SMR would like to thank the Academy for their 6th place finish
The final girls relay on the night proved to be Lancers' highest finish on Friday as the girls 4x800 took to the track looking to improve on their state-qualifying time from Winterfest. Senior captain Katie Bradley led the relay off with a dominant 2:28 opening split moving the Lancers to the front of the field. Freshman Isabella Pietrasiezwicz held her own in the second leg, despite racing down from her usual long-distance preferences, running a fantastic 2:33 split to keep the Lancers on the heels of second place South Kingston. Turning in a double on the night, Delea came back from the hurdle relays to run the third 800 leg keeping the Lancers within reach of SK, handing off the baton after a 2:39 leg. From there, Julia Palin took over and seized second back after 200 meters and held on chipping away at Barrington's lead. Ultimately, Palin pulled Norton away from SK to 10-second lead over third. Her 2:25 800 split solidified the Lancers's runner-up finish to Barrington (RI), improving the 4x800 relay's state-qualifying time to 10:06.46. The nearly 28 second improvement also puts the girls only 11 seconds away from the school's 4x800 record (9:55.34), set back in 2015-16.

Katie Bradley takes off during the opening 4x800 leg

Girls 4x800 celebrate their season's best time and 2nd place finish!

Last and certainly not least on the girls side of the track, Julia Palin came back up to Providence on Saturday to compete in the Girls 800 meters. Looking to better her 2:20.96 school record time the last time she came to the PCTA, Palin came through the 400 in 69 seconds as the field broke off leaving her and Oxbow's Izzy Giesing alone in the front. A slower third lap led for an exciting bell lap finish with Giesing holding off Palin in the final straightaway. Palin crossed the line in 2:19.75, less than a half second behind Giesing, but over a second better than her school record set just over two weeks prior. Congratulations Julia!

Palin and Oxbow's Giesing separate themselves from the field

The Men of Norton started off the Friday evening with the shuttle hurdle relays as well. A combination of youth and experience led the team as Pat Bingel, Derek Bamford, Paul Wisnaskas, and Corey Stalters squeezed into the finals with their 38.67 in the semifinals. In the finals, the Lancers laid witness to a US Top 5 time in the Uniondale (NY) quartertet. However, a disqualification and a slightly slower time of 37.89 did not phase Norton and they finished the evening placing fifth overall in the event.
Norton boys shuttle hurdle relay joining in on the podium fun
Traditionally NHS's 4x400 meter relay, Peter Rivard, Sam McGrath, Aidan Lerner and Ian Pereira opted into the sprint medley relay in preparation of next weekend's state relays. Despite a heat of only one other team, Rivard remained focused through his 200 leg, splitting 25.59. Handing off to McGrath, Norton was still within range following a quick 23.94 split. Ground was lost in the third leg as East Boston's 400 leg outpaced Lerner despite Lerner's 57.85. Running nearly all alone, Pereira was left to chip away at East Boston's lead and almost caught up to the 800 anchor, running a 2:15 leg to bring the Lancers just a shade over four minutes in 4:02.70, two seconds behind East Boston in the heat. However, the Lancers were disqualified as McGrath cut in a few meters too early before the break 60 meters into his second leg. Nevertheless, the experience in the event had the boys psyched for relays up in Boston.

Senior captain Aidan Lerner mid-400 leg of the Boys SMR
And finally, to mirror the girls 4x800 state-qualifier, the boys took advantage of the rarely run mid-distance relay to punch their ticket to MIAA Division 4 States. Having been only a second off the time state-qualifier at Winterfest, the guys were hungry to get it done. Led by Austin Carroll, the Lancers got out to a quick start putting themselves in contention for a top finish. Carroll's 2:07 split was handed off to Ethan Tetrault who got out to a fast pace leaving himself to fight back through the second 400. But Tetrault stayed tough and gutted out a 2:16 split passing the stick to Dj Nihill who fought back into the pack, getting the Lancers back up to South Kingston's fourth place squad. Nihill's 2:11 800 gave Pat Bingel, who had run the shuttle hurdle relay earlier, a position to overtake SK and steal a fourth place finish for the Lancers. Yet, a back-and-fourth fight over the last 400 meters left Bingel out of gas and out of room as his 2:12 split was not enough to outpace SK. Alas, the goal was achieved: the boys 8:48.64, 0.29 seconds out of fourth place, easily bested their Winterfest time, punching their ticked to Division 4 States.

Carroll takes off down the back straightaway during the opening 4x800 leg

A very successful weekend in Lancer country, Norton returns back to the track on Monday against Holliston and Medway. Hurdles will start the meet at 3:30 pm.

-Coach Al

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sprints and PRs Steal the Show as Lancers Split Westwood and Millis

With a few athletes cutting back on events to compete in relays at the East Coast Invitational on Friday, the Lancers still put the TVL on notice with a remarkable performance against Westwood and Millis on Thursday night. When the dust settled, the Lady Lancers suffered their first loss on the season, beating Westwood 41.5-40.5 but falling to Millis 42-43. The guys also faced a split decision, beating Millis 48-29 while losing to Westwood 28-53.

Girls (4-1)

Led by numerous personal bests in the shorter distances on the track, the Lady Lancers put their speed on display. A full-out win by Lilly Holloway (1st; 55m Hurdles - 9.6) and runner-up in Mary Diestel (2nd; 55m Hurdles - 9.8) led a sweep of season-best performances in the hurdles against Westwood in addition to Krystal Macdonald (t-3rd vs. WW; 55m Hurdles - 10.9). A sweep of WW continued in the 55m dash with season best performances across the board, led by Carly Murphy (1st vs. WW, 2nd vs. MHS; 55m - 7.9), Eve Rodriguez (2nd vs. WW, 3rd vs. MHS; 55m - 8.1) and Kylie Dion (3rd vs. WW; 55m - 8.1). Murphy then returned to the track later to grab points in the 300m (2nd vs. MHS, 3rd vs. WW; 300m - 46.3) pacing teammate Kirsten Loring (3rd vs. MHS; 300m - 48.4) in the process.

Diestel mid-hurdle in claiming a runner-up finish

In the field, the duo of Holloway-Diestel both jumped 4'-6" in the high jump, sharing first-place points against Westwood and third-place points against Millis. In the shot, Michaela Whiteside (1st vs. MHS, 2nd vs. WW; SP - 27'-10") continues her strong freshman campaign while teammate Erica Ransom (2nd vs. MHS, 3rd vs. WW; SP - 26'-9") threw a personal best by a nearly a foot and a quarter to reach the podium against both squads.

Racing down in the mid-distance races, Isabella Pietrasiewicz (1st vs. MHS, 2nd vs. WW; 600m - 1:45.4) edged teammate Katie Bradley (2nd vs. MHS, 3rd vs. WW; 600m - 1:45.6) while Hannah Delea (2nd vs. WW, 3rd vs. MHS; Mile - 6:03.1) was the Lancer's lone scorer in the mile. However, after just missing a point in the shot put, Ali Whitman (2nd; 1,000m - 3:36.6) placed runner-up in both meets, just out-leaning teammate Hannah Kubinski (3rd; 1,000m - 3:37.7) by just over a second.

Whitman leading H. Kubinski during the Girls 1,000m

Non-Scoring Results

Shot Put
Whitman - 23'-0.25"
Landry - 22'-5"
S. Kubinski - 18'-10.25" (PR)

55m Hurdles
Dolack - 12.2

55m Dash
Sousa-Shumosic - 8.1
O'Brien - 8.4
Mckenney - 8.4
Macdonald - 8.5
Hickey - 8.5
Jill Perkins - 8.7
Shea - 8.8
Nardone - 8.9
Dolack - 9.4
Julia Perkins - 9.9 (PR)

LeClaire - 7:06.7

Schepis - 1:53.08

Hickey - 49.4
Shea - 49.7
Nardone - 52.3

S. Kubinski - 3:54.8

4x400 relay: 4:42
Rodriguez (74)
Mckenney (70)
Dion (65)
Schepis (72)

Boys (3-2)

The Men of Norton picked up where the sprinters left off, continuing a stupendous sprinting performance. Starting off right from the gun, the hurdlers claimed a sweep of Millis with freshman Paul Wisnaskas (1st vs. MHS, 2nd vs. WW; 55m Hurdles - 8.7) surprising many with a team-leading 8.7 in what was his first career hurdles race. Corey Stalters (2nd vs. MHS, 3rd vs. WW; 55m Hurdles - 8.9) followed closely behind in another personal best time as Jacob Peers (3rd vs. MHS; 55m Hurdles - 9.3) completed the sweet against Millis in a season's best race. Not to be outdone, all dashers on the day also claimed PRs. Leading the way in the 55m was junior captain Peter Rivard (1st vs. WW, 2nd vs. MHS; 55m - 6.9) and Zach Lerner (3rd vs. WW; 55m - 7.2) grabbing a podium spot with Sam McGrath (1st; 300m - 39.4) running a season's best time and captain Aidan Lerner (2nd vs. MHS, 3rd vs. WW; 300m - 40.1) manning the longer sprints to score.

P. Wisnaskas clearing the final hurdle in his first ever hurdles race

Mid to long distance also saw plenty of scoring from the Lancers. Wisnaskas continued his dominance with a comfortable win in the 600m (1st; 600m - 1:33.5) as captain Ian Pereira (2nd vs MHS, 3rd vs. WW; 600m - 1:41.9) ran a controlled race in preparation for the East Coast relays. Freshman Sean Wynne (3rd vs. MHS; 600m - 1:42.2) also raced down to a quick time while nabbing a varsity point. With nearly all the distance runners running the 1,000m, Norton swept Millis as Austin Carroll (1st; 1,000m - 2:47.8) paced DJ Nihill (2nd vs. MHS, 3rd vs. WW; 1,000m - 2:53.3) and Pat Bingel (3rd vs. MHS; 1,000m - 2:54.0) to season best's times. Rounding out the distance scorers was James Wilson (3rd vs. MHS; 2 Mile - 12:11.1) earning his first varsity point of the season.

A. Carroll fighting through the 1,000m

Completing scoring in the field was the Lancer throwers. Jack Weaver  (2nd vs. MHS; SP - 31'-3") continues to lead the throw bros while thrower-runner Nick Denham (3rd vs. MHS; SP - 30'-9.5") PR'ed once again. Pat Bingel (1st vs. MHS, 3rd vs WW; HJ - 5'-0") completed all the scoring for the Lancers on this Thursday night.

Non-scoring Results

Shot Put
R. Carroll - 28'-1" (PR)
Dennehy - 28'-0.5" (PR)
Castelluzzi - 25'-2.25" (PR)
Kurland - 24'-10.5" (PR)
Barrick - 23'-11.75" (PR)

55m Hurdles
Bingel - 10.0
Bamford - 11.7

55m Dash
Diestel - 7.5 (PR)
Lebel - 7.6 (PR)
Adams - 7.8 (PR)
Kent - 7.9 (PR)
Bamford - 8.0 (PR)
Deady - 8.2 (PR)
Berthao - 8.5 (PR)
Shea - 8.7 (PR)

Smith - 5:23.3 (PR)
Janineh - 5:24.4
A. Wisnaskas - 5:50.8 (PR)
M. Anderson - 6:05.2
T. Anderson - 6:29.8 (PR)

McNeil - 1:50.6 (PR)

O'Brien - 40.6
Z. Lerner - 41.5
Kubinski - 42.0
Diestel - 43.0
Owens - 46.9

Tetrault - 2:58.7 (PR)
Pescod - 3:02.8
Morabito - 3:03.3

4x400 relay: 4:08.4

The Lancers will be bringing a few relays up to Providence, RI to compete in the East Coast Invitational over the weekend. On Monday, the rest of the team will hit the track again at Wheaton for a tri-meet between Holliston and Medway as the TVL season begins to wrap-up.

-Coach Al

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Pietrasiewicz and the Boys 4x400 Lead A Podium Day at the Auerbach Frosh-Soph Invite!

Following yesterday's meet, the young Lancers led tired legs into Boston to take on the best freshmen and sophomores in the state and they did not disappoint. With several podium finishes and massive PRs, the Lancers once again pulled off a tremendous performance in representing Norton High School.


With several top seeds heading into the day on the girls' side, the Lady Lancers took to the track to prove their worth. Leading the day was freshman Isabella Pietrasiewicz in the two mile run. Looking to improve on her state-qualifier, Bella seized the top pack immediately and bided her time running through the first mile in 5:53. She continued to lap the field countless times and sprinted home to a strong second place finish behind Groton-Dunstable's Sydney Adams. Pietrasiewicz's 11:49.42 not only betters her state-qualifier but was also less than two seconds off of teammate Katie Bradley's school record set in 2014-15.

Pietrasiezwicz receives her runner-up medal on the podium
Freshman Michaela Whiteside also put on a stellar performance in the shot put circle. Coming as a top contender, Whiteside did not disappoint and performed well finishing as the second top freshman in the field. Although she did not PR, her 27'-0.25" was far enough to propel her onto the podium, finishing in seventh place overall.

White awaits her 7th place medal as the second top freshman in the shot put
Although not all the Lancers reached the podium, the day was still met with other strong performances. Kylie Dion cracked the top 20 in the 300 meter dash, finishing in 15th overall in 45.95 while joining Carly Murphy, Breah McKenney, and Ashley Schepis in the 4x200 meter relay which finished in 16th overall in 2:00.05.
Sophomore Erica Ransom mid-put in the shot put


Not to be outdone by their female counterparts, the Men of Norton had their own top performances to captivate the crowd of supporters. Led by Paul Wisnaskas, the Lancer Sprinters had one helluva day. In the 600 meter run, Wisnaskas opened in a 27.2 and fought through a sub-60 400 to close just enough to run under 1:30. Wiz's team-leading 1:29.92 placed him third overall in the event. To cap off the day, Wiz joined Jack O'Brien, Zach Lerner, and Andrew Kabinski for a phenomenal 4x400 meter performance. Having just raced the varsity squad a day ealier, the frosh-soph 4x400 were hard-fought right out of the gate, with Wiz anchoring in a 57.12 to clinch the runner-cup finish in the relay with an official time of 3:45.23.

Fighting for room on the podium: The Men of Norton

The Lancer distance runners also fared their own at Reggie considering they were racing on tired legs from having ran at Wheaton the morning of the day before. Regardless, they put on strong efforts that truly demonstrates their fitness as this point in the season Ethan Tetrault fought back in the mile to claim a top-30 finish in a 5:14.44 while Ben Pescod ran a strategic back-and-fourth 3:04.86 in the 1,000 meter run. However, the notable story of the day was Sean Wynne's performance. Initially seeded at 3:17, Wynne blew the doors off of his heat and solo-efforted a near sub-3:00 performance, posting a dominant PR. Wynne's 3:00.18 was good enough for 15th overall and first amongst freshmen.

The full results of the Auerbach Small School Freshmen-Sophomore Invitational can be found through this link. The Lancers return to action on Thursday at Wheaton College after school, taking on Millis and Westwood in TVL action.

-Coach Al

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Lancers Wait Out Snow to Sweep Dover-Sherborn on Saturday Morning

After two reschedulings and a slew of frantic e-mails, the Lancers hit the track Saturday morning to shake off the cobwebs of 2018. And they did so in style with both the Girls (55-25) and the Boys (45-41) posting thrilling victories of Dover-Sherborn.

Girls (3-0)

The Lady Lancers carried over their undefeated season into the New Year with a dominate performance against D-S. Led by season-best performances out of Julia Newell (1st; 55m - 8.0), Katie Bradley (1st; Mile - 5:31), Isabella Pietrasiewicz (2nd; Mile - 5:32), Lilly Holloway (2nd; 55m H - 9.8) and Carly Murphy (3rd; 300m - 46.7) among others, the Lady Lancers out-paced Dover-Sherborn from the beginning and opted to rest their 4x400 relay after a hectic week of indoor training. Notably, Pietrasiewicz now joins Bradley as both having nailed the auto-qualifying standard for States in the Mile.

Among other scoring highlights, Hannah Kubinski (3rd; Mile - 6:25) joined Bradley and Pietrasiewicz in sweeping the Girls Mile while Hannah Delea (1st; 2 Mile - 13:20.6) and Sarah Kubinski (2nd; 2 Mile - 14:46.7) led a two-girl sweep of the 2 Mile. Both Michaela Whiteside (1st; SP - 27'-6") and Erica Ransom (2nd; SP - 25'-5.25") out-threw D-S while Ali Whitman (1st; 1,000m - 3:34.4), Mary Diestel (1st; HJ - 4'-8" and 3rd; 55m H - 10.2), and Kylie Dion (1st; 300m - 45.8) also grabbed first-place finishes on the day. Rounding out the varsity scoring was Eve Rodriguez (3rd; 55m - 8.3), Ashley Schepis (2nd; 600m - 1:57.5) and Hope LeClaire (3rd; 600m - 2:12.1).

The morning ended for the girls with an inter-squad 4x200 meter relay showdown with the A Team of Murphy, Kirsten Loring, Newell and Dion (1:57.5) getting the edge on the freshmen-sophomore squad of Brennah Hickey, Schepis, Breah McKenney, and Rodriguez (2:06.7) who will represent Norton tomorrow at the Reggie Lewis Center in the Auerbach Freshmen-Sophomore Invitational.

Boys (2-1)

 A back and fourth meet throughout the morning led to a fantastic finish on the Wheaton College track. In getting there, Norton recorded top finishes from Sam McGrath (1st; 300m - 39.5),  Ian Pereira (1st; 600m - 1:30.0) and Austin Carroll (1st; 1,000m - 2:47.0). In a personal best time, Corey Stalters (1st; 55m H - 9.0) led teammate Jacob Peers  (2nd; 55m H - 9.6) in the hurdles while senior captain Pat Bingel claimed two victories on the day (1st; 2 Mile - 10:54.5 and 1st; HJ - 5'-0"). Other top finishers on the day included Peter Rivard (2nd; 55m - 6.9), Ethan Tetrault (3rd; Mile - 5:15), Aidan Lerner (3rd; 600m - 1:35.1), Jack O'Brien (3rd; 300m - 40.3), and Ben Pescod (3rd; 1,000m - 3:01.7). Despite facing stiff competition in every event, Dover-Sherborn continued to stick around and match Norton for points. 

Heading into the 4x400 meter relay, D-S topped the Lancers 40-41 making the race the decisive end to the meet: win and win the morning session. The NHS 4x400 meter relay, comprised of Pereira, Rivard, Lerner and McGrath, took to the track to claim the day for the Lancers. Senior captain Pereira's blazing 52.42 split put the Lancers right in front of D-S. Both Rivard (57.57) and Lerner (58.43) held D-S at bay, relinquishing a little of the lead but not enough for there to be a clear claim on the meet. In the anchor leg, McGrath faced a quick resurgence the from Erik Linden of D-S. A nearly even race at the bell lap, McGrath fought him off with a ferocious kick down the final bend, giving the edge to Norton (3:44.9); just 0.3 seconds ahead of Dover-Sherborn. Thus, clinching the meet for the Lancers, 45-41.

McGrath making the final effort down the straightaway against D-S's Linden

The Lancers make a quick return to the track tomorrow morning as underclassmen compete in the Auerbach Freshmen-Sophomore Meet at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. Bus leaves NHS at 7:30 am. Rest up Lancers!

-Coach Al

Thursday, January 4, 2018

UPDATE: Dover-Sherborn Meet Moved to Saturday at 8:30 am

Today's Dover-Sherborn meet has been moved to Saturday at 8:30 am. The Wheaton College track will open up at 8:00 am so make sure to get there around then to have ample time to wake up and warm up.

-Coach Al

UPDATE to the UPDATE: D/S Meet on Saturday

Due to school being cancelled (again) tomorrow, Mr. Currle is going to try to reschedule our meet with Dover-Sherborn for tomorrow. Please check in to the blog tonight and tomorrow morning for updates on the meet and time.

Additionally, the Freshmen-Sophomore meet is still on for Sunday. Bus will leave NHS at 7:30 am.

-Coach Al

UPDATE: D/S Meet Moved to Tomorrow at 7:00 pm

UPDATE: Today's Wheaton Meet against Dover-Sherborn has been postponed to tomorrow (Friday, January 5th) at 7:00 pm. Barring another school cancellation, the D/S meet will be held with the same entries as originally planned for the meet today. Please let Coach Alex or Coach Bekah know if you will be unable to attend tomorrow evening.

-Coach Al

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

CANCELLED: Wheaton Meet vs. Dover-Sherborn 1/4/18

Due to the impeding snow storm and the closure of Norton Public Schools, tomorrow's 3:30 Wheaton meet against Dover-Sherborn has been cancelled. A schedule date has yet to be determined.

The Lancers will get back on the track after the snow passes with the underclassmen competing at the Auerbach Freshman-Sophomore Meet at the Reggie Lewis Center this upcoming Sunday.

-Coach Al

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Palin Breaks School Record in winning RI Classic 800 meter run!

Heading south to the Ocean State, senior captain Julia Palin took to the Providence Career and Technical Academy track to race the 800 meters at the Rhode Island Classic. Taking the  "Creative Capital" by storm, she wasted no time cutting in from the waterfall start and positioning herself for a shot at teammate and fellow senior captain Katie Bradley's school record of 2:25.46 set back during the 2014-15 indoor season.

Palin continued to pick off runners quickly moving from the middle of the 13-girl pack to the front by a little after the mid-way point of the four-lap race. Seizing the lead with about 460 to go, she was well on pace and continued a valiant effort. Even an unintentional clip by a Westerly (RI) runner could not derail Julia as she would not relinquish the lead and cross the tape first in a new school record of 2:20.96!!

MileSplit RI: Norton's Julia Palin, first place, Girls 800 m

Put through the NCAA Flat Track conversion, Julia's 2:20.96 converts to an even speedier 2:19.36! Excellent work today Julia!

Follow the turning of the calendar, the Lancers return to the track this coming Thursday when they take on Dover-Sheerborn in TVL action at Wheaton College at 3:30 pm.

-Coach Al

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

UPDATED: Holiday Vacation Schedule

Due to gym availability, Friday's practice has been moved to 8:30 am in order to have access to the gym prior to basketball practice. Please refer to the updated Holiday vacation schedule:

Thus, Dec. 28: NHS Practice (10:00 am - 12:00 pm)
Fri, Dec. 29: NHS Practice (8:30 am - 10:30 am)
Sat, Dec. 30: NO PRACTICE
Sun, Dec 31: NO PRACTICE. Happy NYE!
Mon, Jan. 1: NO PRACTICE!
Tues, Jan. 2: Back to School! NHS Practice (2:30 pm - 4:30 pm)

-Coach Al

Friday, December 22, 2017

Holiday Practice & Schedule!

Happy Holidays Norton Track!

Last night was a festive practice at Wheaton College! Elf Ricky led the entire team in balancing drills to work on proper running form. Everyone got into it that we decided to start our own Rockettes group that will be performing on New Year's Eve!

Santa Alex even took the distance kids on a small ladder workout. He paced his reindeers through an 800, 600, 400 and 200 meter effort. At any given time that he could not keep up the pace, he shouted "HO! HO! HO!" for all his reindeer to take over and lead him home to the finish line. Everyone got in a joyous work load to head into holiday break.

Although today is an optional practice, please find attached our practice schedule for the Winter Break. If you cannot attend, please one of the coaches know in advance:

Mon, Dec 25: NO PRACTICE!
Tues, Dec. 26: NO PRACTICE
Wed, Dec. 27: NHS Practice (10:00 am - 12:00 pm)
Thus, Dec. 28: NHS Practice (10:00 am - 12:00 pm)
Fri, Dec. 29: NHS Practice (10:00 am - 12:00 pm)
Mon, Jan. 1: NO PRACTICE!

We'll return back to our normal schedule of practice time on Tuesday, January 2nd with our meet on Thursday, January 4th at Wheaton College at 3:30 against Dover/Sheerborn!

On behalf of all the coaches, have a wonderfully safe Holiday Break!

-Santa Alex

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Palin and Girls 4x800 Wins lead Lancers at Winter Festival

A pair of victories for the Lady Lancers led the Norton High School Indoor Track & Field teams at the MSTCA Winter Festival at the Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center in Roxbury. In total, the Lancers brought home five automatic state qualifiers along with countless PRs and stellar performances heading into Holiday Break. Despite the non-scoring nature of the meet, Norton was present throughout all events and turned by fellow TVL schools and other teams across the state.


The Lady Lancers quickly established themselves as contenders across and outside the oval as freshman Michaela Whiteside made the most of her first Reggie Lewis meet, launching the shot 28 feet and 8 inches. Out of the unseeded flight, Michaela's throw earned her 9th overall at the meet as well as the top freshman on the day. Not to be outdone, senior captain Julia Palin ran away from the field in the 600 meters, claiming the victory by nearly three seconds with a state-qualifying time of 1:40.96, fractions of a second away from a PR. Following Palin's win, the Lancer distance squad witnessed another a pair of state-qualifying performances by senior captain Katie Bradley and freshman Bella Pietrasiewicz. After a pair of victories at Wheaton on Monday, the two finished back-to-back in the 1,000, with the Captain Bradley finishing 4th overall in 3:11.59, with Bella two seconds behind in 3:13.69.  

Other notable performances included a solid 1,000 meter run by Ali Whitman in which she be grudgingly led the field for the entire race only to be passed by two runners in the final 55 meters. However, those two would have her to thank for their fast times as her 3:30.05 would squeeze her into the Top 20 for the event. The Lady Lancers also finished 13th overall in the 4x200 meter relay with the team of Kirsten Loring, Julia Newell, Abbey O'Brien and Mary Dion running 1:59.89. Dion had previously also placed 13th in the 300 meters with a time of 45.66
O'Brien runs the third leg of the Lancers' 4x200 meter relay

In the field, senior captain Mary Diestel (18th in 55 meter hurdles - 10.07) finished in a tie for 6th in the high jump, clearing 4 feet 8 inches. Diestel would later team up with Palin, Bella and Carly Murphy (27th in 300 - 47.34) to finish the meet for the Lady Lancers, winning the 4x800 meter relay in 10:34.08. That mark would end up being the fourth automatic state-qualifier on the day for the Lady Lancers!

The 4x800 meter relay (Palin, Pietrasiewicz, Diestel and Murphy) pose after their state-qualifying win! 


Both veterans and rookies on the boys' side took full advantage of the competition at Reggie to produce some fast times and hard efforts after a long week of racing and training. Starting off in the field, Nick Denham heeded the advice of Coach Mike and sped up his release and found himself with a two foot PR in the shot put, throwing 30 feet and 2.5 inches. Nick would then head to the track for the mile and put together a 5:59.28 run for a solid double-event effort on the day. Also in the mile starred junior Austin Carroll who seized the second heat and outperformed his seed, finishing in 4:47.13 to place 11th overall in the event. That time also became the Lancers's second boys auto-qualifier on the young season. Most of the distance squad ran in the mile as well, with notable performances including senior captain Pat Bingel's hard-fought 5:02.67 effort (36th), Branden Morabito's 5:15.36 PR (57th), and freshman Nick Janineh's 5:20.53 (73rd).

Austin Carroll fights through the second half of the Boys Mile

Distance continued their strength in the 600 and 1,000 meter runs. With all runners not having seed times, they made the most out of their races, essentially time trialing to superb times. In particular, Dj Nihill took full control of the last heat of the 600 meters fought the clock hard with even splits to run 1:32.71, good enough to earn him 14th place overall despite racing in the slow heat. Additionally, Ethan Tetrault and Ben Pescod found themselves in similar positions and raced themselves into the top 20 with times of 3:00.84 (17th) and 3:02.02 (19th) respectively. Nihill and Tetrault would join Bingel and Carroll in the 4x800 meter relay and finish in 4th place, just missing out on a state qualifying-time of 8:55.28.

Other results outside of distance included Corey Stalters running a PR in the 55 meter hurdles (9.36) for 21st place; Aiden Lerner sprinting to 22nd place in the 300 meters (39.75); and freshman Jack O'Brien placing 30th overall (and first freshman) in the 300 meters (40.34). O'Brien, Lerner, Sam McGrath, and senior captain Peter Rivard composed the 4x200 meter relay team which avoided a close hand-off catastrophe to win the second heat and place 4th overall in 1:40.42.

Senior Captain Peter Rivard flies through the final turn on the 2nd leg of the 4x200 meter relay
For complete meet results, please follow this link to the MSTCA website.

The Lancers will get back to work on Monday for a long training block, including Winter Break, up until their next meet at Wheaton College on January 4th in the New Year!

Stay tuned for practice updates and training advice!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Girls Team Sweeps as Boys Splits in Winter Track Opener against Ashland and Medfield

My apologies for the late recap of our first meet but it was one to process and let sink in!

The Norton Indoor Track & Field team opened up their season at Wheaton College on Monday night competing in two separately-scored duel meets against Ashland High School and Medfield High School. It was quite a sight to see Coach Taylor in the unfamiliar green and yellow as an MSTCA official! However, the team still put on a fantastic performance to open the season heading in the right direction.

Girls (2-0)

The early season did not catch the girls off-guard as they took off running (pun intended) with a blowout win against Ashland (58-28) and a nail-biter against Medfield (48-38). Mary Diestel led the Lady Lancers with two wins in the 55 meter hurdles (10.09) and the high jump (4-8) while the distance girls took over the field in several races. Julia Palin took the lead after 400 m to win the 600 meters by nearly seven seconds (1:45.7) and Katie Bradley delivered a monsterous final 400 m kick to claim the W in the mile by over ten seconds in an automatic state-qualifying time of 5:31.6. Freshman phenom Bella Pietrasiewicz continued her young stellar NHS career after a 35th place finish at the MIAA All-State Cross Country meet this past November. Bella ran a solo 12:01.1 two-mile to win the girls' section of the co-ed Two Mile, qualifying for states in the process. Diestel, Palin, Bradley joined Hannah Kubinski (3rd in the Mile vs. Medfield/2nd in the Mile vs. Ashland in 6:05.2) to win the 4x400 meter relay with another automatic state-qualifying time of 4:24.5!

Other wins came from Hannah Delea (1st in the 1,000 meters vs. Ashland/2nd in the 1,000 meters vs. Medfield in 3:32.5) as well as another outright win in the shot put by freshman thrower Michaela Whiteside with a throw of 26 feet and 5 inches! In addition, Lilly Holloway placed 2nd in the 55 meter hurdles (10.17) and 3rd in the high jump (4-0). Sprints continued to dominate on the girls side as well with a state-qualifying time earned by Kylie Dion in the 300 meters (43.37), good enough for a 3rd place finish, while Julia Newell (55 meter dash; 8.12) and Erica Ransom (shot put; 26 feet 6.75 inches) also earned outright 3rd place finishes against Ashland and Medfield. Ali Whitman (2nd vs. Ashland/3rd vs. Medfield in the 1,000 meters, Sarah Kubinski (3rd in Two Mile vs. Ashland), and Hope LeClaire (3rd vs. Ashland in the 600 meters) finished out the scoring points for the Lady Lancers.

Non-scoring Results:

Shot Put

Carly Landry: 22' 5"
Ali Whitman: 21' 1.5"
Sarah Kubinski: 15' 3.75"


Brennah Hickey: 11.32
Maddie Dolack: 13.43
Julia Perkins: 14.84
Krystal Macdonald: 11.66
Jocelyn Nardone: 12.16

55 meter dash

Breah McKenney: 8.70
Kylie Dion: 8.3
Eve Rodriguez: 8.4
Ashley Schepis: 8.8
Krystal Macdonald: 8.5
Brennah Hickey: 8.34
Jocelyn Nardone: 8.9
Jillian Perkins: 8.9
Maddie Dolack: 9.5
Sydney Shea: 8.8
Michaela Whiteside: 8.9
Zoe Yazwinski: 9.8


Carly Murphy: 6:10

300 meters

Kirsten Loring: 47.11
Ashley Schepis: 50.55
Eve Rodriguez: 51.68
Sydney Shea: 51.04
Carly Murphy: 48.09

Boys (1-1)

The boys team headed into the season with a large team as the roster boasts 42 student-athletes and they used their size to their advantage in defeating Ashland handily 67-17 while ultimately dropping a closer decision to Medfield, 31-55. The Lancer Men were carried through their first meet by senior captain Ian Pereira who ran a 6.96 photo-finish in the 55 meter dash, picking up first-place points against Ashland and third-place points to Medfield. He followed that up with the first boys' automatic state qualifier on the year, running 37.37 to win the 300 meters outright. Pereira's 55 meter dash photo finish wasn't the only close race of the day, as Aiden Lerner nipped out teammate Paul Wisnaskas to win the 600 meters outright. The pair both ran matching 1:30.9s with the edge going to Lerner. The two then partnered with Peter Rivard (3rd in the 55 meter dash vs. Ashland; 7.31) and and Dj Nihil (1st vs. Ashland/2nd vs. Medfield in the Mile; 5:03.5) to win the 4x400 meter relay in 3:50.3.

The Lancers continued to pickup wins all over the track and field. Corey Stalters placed first in the 55 meter hurdles against Ashland (9.81) while Jack Weaver (1st vs. Ashland in the shot put; 32' 11.5") and Pat Bingel (1st vs. Ashland in high jump [5-2] and 1,000 [2:55.6] and 2nd in 1,000 vs. Medfield) each earned individual wins against Ashland. Austin Carroll continued where he left off during cross country and won the Two Mile in 10:52, running the race solo from the gun.

Other point scorers included Derek Bamford (2nd vs. Ashland in 55 meter hurdles; 11.22), Nick Denham (3rd vs. Ashland in the shot put; 27' 6.75") and Nich Janineh (3rd vs. Ashland in the 1000; 3:09). Ethan Tetrault (2nd vs. Ashland in the Mile; 5:13) and Brendan Morabito (3rd vs. Ashland in the Mile; 5:19) helped Nihill sweep the mile against Ashland while Sam McGrath (2nd vs. Ashland in 55 meters; 7.20; 2nd/3rd vs. Ashland/Medfield in 300 meters; 39.91) and Rivard did the same to help sweep the dash for the boys against Ashland as well.

Non-scoring Results

High Jump

Corey Stalters: 4' 10"


Chris Dennehy: 27' 1.5"
Ryan Carroll: 24' 1.5"
Tom Brogran: 23' 4.5"
Andrew Barrick: 22' 6"
Matt Kurland: 21' 7.5"

55 meter hurdles

Derek Bamford: 11.22

55 meter dash

Andrew Kubinski: 7.6
Shaun Murphy: 7.7
Zach Adams: 8.1
Nick Lebel: 8.0
Declan Diestel: 7.6
Sean Deady: 8.4
Nick Castelluzzi: 8.3
Justin Kent: 8.3
Joe Weber: 7.7
Zack Lerner: 7.3
Derek Bamford: 8.2


Alex Wisnaskas: 5:54.9
Matt Anderson: 6:16.3
Sean Wynne: 5:24.2

600 meters

Jack O'Brien: 1:37.9
Ben Pescod: 1:39.4

300 meters

Andrew Kubinski: 42.29
Declan Diestel: 43.51

1000 meters

Sean Smith: 3:15.1
Duncan Owens: 3:23.3
Nick Denham: 3:31.6
Nate McNeil: 3:26.1
James Wilson: 3:21.3

4x400 meter relay B

Jack O'Brien, Ben Pescod, Zack Lerner, Joe Weber: 4:02.0

The Norton Lancers return to action at the MSTCA's Winter Festival at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston this Saturday. Bus will leave Norton High School at 7:30 am. Any athletes wanting to ride home with their parents must have a letter to the coaches by the end of tomorrow's practice!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Team Gear Sale

Hey Lancers,

For the upcoming Winter season, we will be purchasing some team gear for meets. We've decided on a black "Norton Track and Field" sweartshirt, white "Norton Track & Field" performance wicker long sleeve, and a purple "Norton Track & Field (EVENT GROUP)" short sleeve. The purple Norton T&F shirt is the only cusotmizeable one as you'll have the option to select your event group (Throws, Jumps, Sprints, Hurdles, Distance) to be printed on the shirt as part of the logo (see attached form).

Students can choose to purchase whichever gear they'd like! Thanks to the generous contributions from the Norton Track & Field Boosters, we are able to keep the pricing down to a reasonably affordable price:

              Black Sweatshirt: $30.00
              White Long Sleeve: $10.00
              Purple Short Sleeve: $12.00

If you'd like to purchase any gear, please print out the following form, select all items you'd like to purchase and return it with cash or check to either the captains, Coach Bekah, Coach Gretchen or myself by Tuesday at practice. Checks may be made payable to "Norton Track & Field Boosters" (include "Indoor Track Gear 2018" in the memo).

Let us know if you have any questions!

-Coach Al