Friday, June 2, 2017

Team Pictures & Final Button Winners on the Season

2017 Norton Girls Spring Track 

2017 Norton Boys Spring Track 

2017 Norton Boys Spring Track Seniors 

2017 Norton Girls Spring Track Seniors 
Congratulations to those who received the final buttons of the season when we could all get together for team pictures this week.

You have all done so well and improved times/distances and we are happy and proud you are for doing so.

Button recipients after May 9th meet:

Throwers of the week:  Corey Stalters, Kylie Murphy
Runners of the week: Thomas Bingel, Julia Palin
Sprinters of the week: Connor Reynolds, Ashley Schepis
Hurdlers of the week: Griff McAlear, Jillian D'Ercole
Jumpers of the week: Joey Annand, Kambrynn Bowman
Enthusiasts of the week: Thomas LeClaire, Madyson Sousa

May 11th meet:

Throwers of the week:  Chris Dennehy, Katrina Abouzeid
Runners of the week: Evan Garrone, Abby Grey
Sprinters of the week:  Alex Turcotte , Abby Senior
Hurdlers of the week: Corey Stalters, Hannah Delea
Jumpers of the week: Jacob Peers, Julia Newell
Enthusiasts of the week: Pat Bingel, Annie Wrenn

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